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Bass Pro Shops San Antonio, Texas

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Bass Pro Shops San Antonio, Texas - tlaloc_ibarra

Bass Pro Shops San Antonio, Texas

17907 IH-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78257

Closest station: La Cantera & Rim Drive


Phone: (210) 253-8800

Descriptions of Bass Pro Shops San Antonio, Texas

Bass Pro Shops in San Antonio, Texas. Outdoors Online, Offering the best in Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor Products. - From the owner

Details of Bass Pro Shops San Antonio, Texas

  • Cost - Moderate to expensive. Takes major credit cards.

  • Email -

  • Payment Accepted - Cash

Reviews of Bass Pro Shops San Antonio, Texas

  • RV Jim

    Thanks to all the prior reviews. Was planning on stopping to replenish my fishing equipment but will pass up the store based on the reviews.

    By By Jim Posted Aug 17, 2010 -

  • Dog Friendly, and very helpful!

    I have been looking for a decent hunting/life vest for my dog, and they were very accepting of letting me bring my pup in to try everything. I think they were so willing to allow me to take my dog in because he was very well behaved/trained. I'm sure they wouldn't allow just any crazy/non-friendly dog in the store. I've never taken him into a big place like that before, and it turned out to be one of the coolest experiences ever. Anyone that worked at this Bass Pro Shop location were very happy to see my puppy, and very willing to help me find what I needed for him. I will probably go back up there with my puppy just for fun to train him around such a crazy busy environment.

    By By Garrett Posted Aug 10, 2010 -

  • Gun Department and range top notch

    I have found the people to be quite knowledgeable and very helpful. They are patient and answer all of my questions. There are not too many ranges available here and this is my favorite to go to. I find them the nicest also.

    By By M Posted May 30, 2010 -

  • Lazy and Rude Management in Gun Department

    Their problem is the management. The majority of the employees that work behind the gun counter are helpful and know their stuff but the management is rude and lazy. There was an issue with some of my paperwork I provided when making a hangun purchase and the salesman went to get her manager. He came out from the back red faced and with an attitude shaking his head as he approached the counter before he ever spoke to me unwilling to make the necessary phone call that would have validated my paperwork. I had even made a firearm purchase 2 months prior from the same store, they had my credit card on file and they wouldnt even look that up. I wish I had thought to remember the managers name but I was just so frustrated. I understand firearm dealers are governed by State and Federal agencies and I wouldnt want a store to do anything that would get them (or me) in trouble, but that doesnt give them the right to treat you like an idiot. I worked in retail for 2 years during school and I know

    By By Bender Posted May 17, 2010 -

  • inconsistant and standoff'ish

    I hate the fact that they are the only indoor gun range in town (except for texas guns which is just STUPID expensive!) I brought an AR-15 in to shoot at the range and was told that the ammo i had was too light and had to be 60+grains otherwise they "wizz around too fast and ricochet". Another time i shot the guy said that was total BS and i could shoot 55grain in there no problem. The 30minute time limit by appointment only is just pathetic. I go during the day, there is nobody waiting for a lane to open and im usually 1 of 2-3 people there. But i can't continue shooting, its 30 minutes... and thats it! want longer? make another appointment. Unreal. If i could shoot a little longer, id use more ammo which i purchase from THEM. Do they not want my money? Lastly, the guys in the front that put the FIRST lock on your gun (as if im not CCW'ing already), they are too old or handicapped to rack the slide on most handguns i bring in and it turns into a huge deal for them.

    By By Bob Posted Apr 10, 2010 -

Location of Bass Pro Shops San Antonio, Texas

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