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Cat's Meow

Cat's Meow -

Cat's Meow

701 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70116-3104


Phone: (504) 523-3492

Descriptions of Cat's Meow

"Fantastic drink specials" -

"Your denials will be in vain" -

"Most awesome karaoke ranging from country to rock" -

"This is by far my favorite bar in New Orleans" -

"At $7.25 a pop, they better be good!" -

"Be prepared however" -

"Best sing-a-long I've joined in a long time" -

Videos of Cat's Meow

Key things to know about Cat's Meow

Details of Cat's Meow

  • Admission - No cover charge

  • Neighborhood - French Quarter

  • Parking - Nearby

  • Ambiance - Frat House

  • Clientele - Beautiful People

  • Year Opened - 1989

  • Dress - Casual

  • Activities - Karaoke

Reviews of Cat's Meow

  • Your typical Bourbon St experience, but...

    I'm a karaoke singer and I don't like going here too often. If I do go, it is going to be RIGHT when they open so I can actually get to sing. I have been to my fair share of karaoke bars and I prefer to go to the smaller ones because it's so hard to get to sing at the Cats Meow. However, (I don't know if they still do this), they used to have a webcam on the inside of the bar, showing the stage, and when I would sing my mom would snapshot the pics LOL. It was cool sometimes. I would go during the week, because it was packed on the weekends. But I still had fun. I guess I'd only come to Bourbon and pay so much money for the drinks if I was celebrating something. On my regular "get drunk" occasion, I am going to go somewhere smaller, so I can actually walk around...and get a chance to sing. It's pretty much like the other Bourbon St bars, except you can sing...if you get your name up there quick enough.

    By By Kendra Posted Jun 15, 2010 -

  • Cat's Meow

    It's the Royal Albert Hall of the New Orleans karaoke scene, such as it is. "American Idol" rejects from the world over stumble to this Bourbon Street neon behemoth to take a crack at "Livin' on a Prayer" and other hits from the

  • I visited the Cats Miaow with a friend one...

    night when they were having a 3 for 1 drinks special. Two (read 6 bottles) of beer later and I nearly got up on stage to sing! The bar is a karaoke bar and the house singer really is fantastic. He rivals some of these American Idol contestants

    By By blondetotty Posted Jan 27, 2009 -

  • This is the place for you if you LOVE bad...

    karaoke, bachelor parties and long for a "true" Bourbon Street experience (exotic dancers included on occasion)! A tourist destination (locals dragged in kicking & screaming by out of town guests) - but fun nonetheless.

  • Cat's Meow

    Get on the webcam right outside the bar, and then go in and sing! All ages have fun, fun, fun here! If you're going to sing, it helps to have a few drinks first! My girlfriend and I thought we were Leslie Gore and Diana Ross while performing

    By By L & RV Posted Nov 16, 2004 -

Location of Cat's Meow

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