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Point Loma Sportfishing

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Point Loma Sportfishing - From the owner

Point Loma Sportfishing

1403 Scott St., San Diego, CA 92106

Closest station: Rosecrans St & Garrison St


Phone: (619) 223-1627

Descriptions of Point Loma Sportfishing

We have everything you need for your next offshore fishing trip, whether it be a half-day run to the local kelp beds, or a long-range trip deep into Mexican Waters. Our fleet of boats are all Coast Gu - From the owner

"Food and drinks are available on the boat at reasonable prices" -

"That's taken for granted" -

"If you are looking for a good afternoon of fun this is the trip for you" -

"Outstanding day of fishing with this team" -

"Good for the family and beginner" -

"If you catch" -

Videos of Point Loma Sportfishing

Details of Point Loma Sportfishing

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Reviews of Point Loma Sportfishing

  • Gallilean Is awesome!

    If you are looking for a real sportfishing trip then get the Gallilean and you won't be disappointed...the captain and crew were stellar! They are very helpful from start to finish and made the trip so much fun plus we caught a lot of fish! And the food was great too- we had a group of 12 and some were beginners while others long in the fishing tooth..everybody caught fish and everybody had a great time! They make the trip all about YOU, like its your own ...fantastic!

    By By Lisa Posted May 20, 2010 -

  • Dont waste ur money....

    I wldnt give a star. They sucked and the crew sucks...The Capt wld drive all over the ocean we barly fished. Go somewhere else...Rather go to Mexico and take my chances!!!!

    By By Lisa Posted May 8, 2010 -

  • Not too impressive...

    Went out on the Daily Double for a half day trip. Was about $55 for everything (, rod, bait, license) with military discount. The weather wasn't all that good and we only caught on average 1 fish each (some more, some none at all). Back to the dock by 6pm. I was somewhat disappointed with the crew - 1 captain, 1 deck hand, and 1 cook. The deck hand was great at first, but as soon as we got to the first spot he and the cook spent the majority of the time fishing. We'd have to yell to them for any sort of help and when they did help they seemed annoyed. A few times they were busy reeling in their own fish so the Captain had to come down to help. When the heavy rains came in we all went below to stay dry and get food at the galley. Unfortunately, the cook was out in his rain gear fishing bragging about catching his 9th fish of the day. Mind you some of the folks that paid $50+ hadn't caught anything. A few people took it upon themselves to self-serve from their beer

    By By John Posted Mar 8, 2010 -

  • VERY VERY UPSET!! simply NO CLASS!!!!

    I was very much looking forward to this trip for a week. I bought all the appropriate gear for Humboldt squid, but guess what....THE LEFT EARLY!!!! And all the could tell me is OH WELL "U" MISSED THE >>>>>. I wouldn't have been this upset if I hadn't driven 3 hours one way to get there. JUST NO CLASS!!!!

    By By Robert Posted Feb 26, 2010 -

  • Don't reserve/buy your tickets ONLINE...

    Don't reserve/buy your tickets online with them!!! They are non-refundable even with a 4 day notice. Outside of this ridiculous policy, we've been doing the daily double for years and always have a great time.

    By By Gigi Posted May 6, 2009 -

Location of Point Loma Sportfishing

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