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Discount Cab

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Discount Cab - From the owner

Discount Cab

2280 North Flowing Wells Road, Tucson, AZ 85705


Phone: (520) 388-9000

Descriptions of Discount Cab

Arizona's #1 Taxicab Service, featuring the Toyota Prius Hybrid. Your Green Limousine. - From the owner

Videos of Discount Cab

Details of Discount Cab

  • Description - Arizona's #1 Taxicab Service, featuring the Toyota Prius Hybrid. Your Green Limousine.

  • Email -

  • Payment Accepted - American Express

  • Tucson Area - 24/7 365

Reviews of Discount Cab

  • Discount shoud be shut down

    I use to take Discount to and from work every night for 3 years. One night I waited 1 hour for a cab that never came. So I jumped into AZ Express and the dirver was vary nice he opened the door for me and everything. Call AZ Express there number is 520-631-4705 do not call Discount...

    By By onemorenight504 Posted Jul 19, 2010 -

  • never been disappointed

    I have taken dicount cab on and off for 6 years. I have never been disappointed or forgotten. if there's ever any issues I blame the call center. they are not locally based and have no concept of the tucson area.

    By By Dulce Posted Jul 12, 2010 -

  • Thieves

    I would not do business with discount cab ever again. They claim to have a policy where found items get turned in, evidently this is not the case. There is no relationship with their drivers and because of this, ultimately the driver is able to keep any items found in the cab. If you treat yourself to nice things and you are the least bit forgetful, do not ride with discount cab services, because the item you leave, and enjoy, will be gone forever.

    By By r7riley Posted Dec 12, 2008 -


    Wow. thats all I got to say. Two hours waiting for a cab that never came and still the dispatcher says that they are "in route" . What a F*%C&I#G Joke. They shouldn't even be in business!!!

    By By Oscar Posted Jul 19, 2008 -

  • These guys are lame

    I had the same experience as Duggers. Halloween night, when the was fifteen minutes late, I called to make sure there had not been some confusion. I was told that the was running late. After forty-five minutes I called THEM, again, and they asked for directions, so I stood outside waiting for them to show up so they wouldn't drive by and miss it. After an hour, no one called (my phone was out of minutes so I couldn't call THEM back), and no one had driven by, even on the main road which you could see from the lawn. It was pretty sad. And, needless to say, I did not get home until three and a half hours after I had planned to.

    By By manintheblacksuit Posted May 26, 2008 -

Location of Discount Cab

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