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When To Go

Rome is an amazing place to visit any time of year, but there are definite benefits and drawbacks to each of the four seasons. Here is a rundown of what you can expect in each season so that you can best decide when you should visit Rome.


From December to February the weather can be unpredictable and chilly. Temperatures usually range between 3 and 14 degrees C, and a winter coat is really only necessary on days that aren't bright and sunny. However, without warning a rainstorm can blow in, and icy winds are known to suddenly chill unsuspecting tourists. Children should definitely be bundled up, but they're sure to be charmed by the Christmas displays throughout the city. Costs do rise during Christmas time as tourists filter in to visit the Holy City.


Spring is a beautiful time of year to visit Rome, with temperatures stay on the warm side of the 6 to 22 degrees C range. The days are sunny and pleasant, with very little that will deter you from exploring everything your heart desires. Just be prepared for hotel and restaurant prices to rise in response to the influx of tourists. Easter is a peak season, with lots to see and costs reaching a high once more.


Hot and humid days characterize most of the summer from June through August. The days are sunny, but this can be a curse rather than a blessing with the rising temperatures that regularly hit above 30 degrees C. The city is much less busy as locals and tourists alike head for the mountains or the coasts, so you will reap the added benefit of lowered prices. A good deal of festivals also occur in the summer months, so you're sure to see some exciting and traditional sights.


In the autumn months between September and November the weather is quite changeable. Temperatures range from 8 to 26 degrees C, with warm days and cool nights. September into October are usually beautiful and sunny, tourists filter in once more and prices once again rise. However, the costs will likely drop with the rain that comes in October and pours down through November. If you want to take advantage of the lack of tourists and the lower costs, be sure to bring a good umbrella.

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