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Black Top Taxi Company Ltd

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Black Top Taxi Company Ltd

5 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, AB T2A 2L6, Canada

Phone: (403) 735-3222

Reviews of Black Top Taxi Company Ltd

  • Worst Cabs In Calgary

    These guys have always been very rude to me, they can never find the address, drivers swear, cars do not have debit terminals. The driver would not give me my change back and kept it all for his tip. I cannot believe they are still in business. If I ever get connected to their number again I will hang up immediatley. WAOW

    By By Matt Posted Jun 26, 2010 -

  • Car #93

    I just read this other review with respect to car #93 (licence plate #G-76986) and interesting because this idiot cab driver just about took me out on 16th Ave this morning (June 17, 2010 at 9:06 am). Apparently he not only is a "not so good person" he is also a terrible driver. I have never written on a place like this before but Blacktop does not have a website where I could report this to. What a shame that this type of "" is allowed in this City. Blacktop you should be more involved in your customer .

    By By Alan Posted Jun 17, 2010 -

  • ASSAULT!!!!

    I took this cab on Thurs Nov 19 from Cowboys. Car # 93. I asked the cabby if he could stop at a bank machine, on my way home, in Inglewood. He graciously started to yell and call me a bitch because he would lose more if he had to stop. He then proceeded to a dark parking lot and tried to pull me out by my hair. I lost both my earrings in his cab somewhere!! My boyfriend was listening frantically on the other end of my cell phone as I was being attacked. I fought him off and locked the doors in the cab. Police showed up and because he called them first I was told that I assaulted him and tried to run on the fair. I was made to pay him and the police officer told me to have a nice walk home. So needless to say both the Black top driver and the constable did injustice to me. I will not let this rest and if I can get the word out about Black Top then thats all that matters to me. NEVER EVER ride alone in one of these cabs especially car #93!!!

    By By jboozan Posted Nov 23, 2009 -

  • Extremely Rude, Horrible Service

    I called this company to politely get a quote on how much my travel will cost, this man answers immediately with "are you a f******* idiot, please don't call this company anymore!!!!" and hung up immediately without asking me any questions about what I was asking about or allowing me to say something. I really don't think anyone appreciates being sworn at and hung up on, as it seems like the customers below me have experienced as well.

    By By Shan Shan Posted Oct 25, 2009 -


    The guy answering the phone needs an attitude adjustment, maybe a punch in the face would do the trick. I phone the company and the guy answers and asks where i was and i start giving my address to him and for no apparent reason the assshole hangs up. I think nothing of it and phone again and give the address again this time he asks where im goin and i say " i can just direct him there but its at ( i quickly say my address and in the middle of it he hangs up)". So now im pissed i phone again asking why he is hanging up and he smugly says he needs 3 pieces of info and i try to respond to say " well u need to let me finish what im saying" and the spineless jerk hangs up again. To keep a long story short it took 6 times of him hanging up or not answering the phone before i could give him my info and i was polite the entire time. It took 40 minutes for the to arrive as well. I have used this 5 times and it has been nothing but troubles In

    By By Timothy Posted May 9, 2009 -

Location of Black Top Taxi Company Ltd

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